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Production of rotating tables for the accumulation of products at the end of the line.

WELLFOOD operates in the packaging sector. The main activity consists in the production of rotating tables for packaging, available concave or flat. The rotating tables, located in the final part of the packaging line, perform the function of "accumulation station" facilitating the unloading phase of the product exiting the packaging machine and facilitating the operator's picking and boxing operations. The rotary tables can also be used to feed filling, marking or labeling machines or lines. WELLFOOD has acquired the essential knowledge to study, design and develop its "Quality System" thanks to the experience gained in the long activity and operating within the scope of a targeted company policy.

The articles produced by the company WELLFOOD fall within the field of application:

a) of Directive 2006/42 / CE

b) of Directive 2014/35 / CE

c) of Directive 2014/30 / CE

In application of these directives, WELLFOOD has directed its technical and commercial staff towards increasingly improved procedures, aimed at achieving the European “CE” mark.

Once the procedures necessary to obtain this certification have been completed, WELLFOOD is therefore able to provide its Customers and for each item sold:

a) EC declaration of conformity;

b) CE certification, shown on special metal labels fixed on the frame of the products;;

c) Use and maintenance manual for each item, containing the essential information for the correct use of the machine. (This must be considered an integral part of the product in order to use it safely).

Not just machines: following the need for food product conservation, and the increasing demand for fresh products, with the possibility of conservation beyond natural deterioration; Wellfood has encouraged the development of packaging technologies that guarantee the integrity and freshness of the product right up to the moment of consumption. Visit the page of our barrier films, we offer assistance and advice, to make the most of the technologies for preserving food products in modified atmosphere M.A.P.

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