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We specialize in the production of stainless steel rotating tables.

The rotating steel tables are available concave or flat, customizable in size / materials / diverters / sides. They are placed in the final part of the packaging line, they perform the function of "storage tank" facilitating the unloading phase of the product exiting the packaging machine and facilitating the picking and boxing operations for the operator.

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    Concave rotating tableConvex rotary table
    Cup rotating table

    Concave table for heavy products
    Rotating flat table
    Rotating flat table with sides


    Ø 1060 mm

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    Ø 1200 mmØ 1400 mmsu misura

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    Ø 1000 mmØ 1200 mmØ 1400 mm

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    Ø 800 mmØ 1000 mmØ 1200 mmØ 1400 mm

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