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Wellfood has always worked in the technical and food packaging industry, offering a complete range of packaging machines and packaging, weighing, dosing, product identification, technical plastic films.

We offer customized solutions and guarantee the best results, in favor of those who will make the most of new packaging technologies.
Rotary table produced by Wellfood company fall within the scope of Directive 2006/42/EC.
Pursuant to the directive, Wellfood has focused its technical staff to the achievement of the European mark “EC”.
Completion of the procedures for obtaining such certification, Wellfood is therefore able to provide its customers and for each item sold:
a) EC declaration of conformity.
b) Certification EC, reported on special labels attached to the machine frame.
c) User and maintenance of each machine containing information essential for proper use.

This must be considered an integral part of the product at the end of its use in safe conditions.
FOOD: following the need of the food conservation, and increasing demand for fresh products with superior keeping qualities to natural deterioration, we have stimulated the development of packaging technologies that ensure the integrity and product freshness until the moment of consumption.
The positive aspects of a good packaging can be made void by inadequate choice of the material used to create the package, or the placing of inappropriate gas mixtures according to the product, Wellfood leveraging its experience and collaboration with the most important houses manufacturers, offers advice in choosing the right wrapping material and the most suitable gas mixtures.

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