Electric shoes cleaner


Rotating tables, are the best solution for the end line production and packaging.
Just as importantly, it is the shoes cleaner that, used at start-up production, allows the food industries rather than other companies to work in a hygienized environment.

There are increasingly numerous industrial sectors that require special attention to hygiene to premise used for the processing and storage of bacteria-susceptible products, molds produced by dirt that footwear can generally collect and transfer.

The electric shoes cleaner is the best machine for cleaning and hygiene of your company.

The shoes cleaner is entirely made of stainless steel made according to CE regulations, just like the rotating tables.

In a small space, these innovative machines for industries that require special attention to hygiene, allow you to effectively clean all that a shoe can carry.

The structure of these shoe cleaners is compact.

 The shoes cleaner is also used in sports centers such as golf, football and many more.

Its special shape allows a small footprint and this allows for perfect hygiene without occupying excessive space.

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