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The new packaging by “New Sainsbury’s”

16 March 2022

The new packaging by “New Sainsbury’s”

The supermarket chain said its newly designed packaging will prevent the potatoes from turning green and developing the bitter taste as a result.
The new “even if breathable” packaging is 100% opaque, this prevents light from reaching the tuber and therefore oxidizing it.
The typical green color develops thanks to an accumulation of solanine, a natural chemical substance that is activated by too much light.
Not only can it produce a green, but also a bitter effect, contributing to the waste of approximately 5.8 million vegetables per day.

The potato remains a standard on our menu. In fact, every year to meet the great demand, farmers produce over 5 million.
This means that the potato is also the most commonly wasted vegetable, with an estimate of 730,000 tons per year.
In the UK, Mr Jane Skelton, head of packaging for Sainsbury’s said: “Exposure to sunlight means that many of our vegetables displayed on the table have a shorter lifespan.
This is why we are calling our new initiative ‘lights out’, our small effort to help reduce food waste.
We are confident this will improve the life of our vegetables, and while the packaging will be opaque, we hope the results will be clear! “The new packaging will be implemented through Sainsbury’s stores, the potato varieties that will have this packaging are King Edwards and Lady Balfour, two varieties most sensitive to“ oxidation ”greening.
At the point of sale it is recommended to keep the vegetables in a cool and dark place. This is the latest in a series of innovations to help families reduce waste.

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